V International Congress on Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield

The Guiana Shield: A Strategic Ecosystem for Resilience Against Climate Change

Organized by the Universidad de la Amazonia together with the Colombian Chapter of the International Society of Biodiversity of the Guiana shield.

  • Tropenbos Colombia.
  • The organizing committee maintains contact with the previous Congress Presidents.


Economic development is gaining importance in the Guiana shield resulting in anthropogenic pressure on natural resources and reduction of the quantity and quality of ecological habitats.



Identify the impacts on economic development in the Guiana shield on biodiversity and living in harmony with nature.

Biodiversity, Communities, Climate Change, Sustainability

Congress Themes

  1. Biodiversity and well-being of the ecosystems in the Guiana shield
  2. Biodiversity, flora, fauna, and ecosystems
  3. Biodiversity loss and vulnerability
  4. Biological indicators
  • Communities and maintenance of biodiversity in the Guiana shield.
  • Community conservation practices
  • Local knowledge
  • Ethno-biodiversity
  • Strategies of resilience against climate change
    and climate change
  • Ecosystem management
  • Actual biodiversity trends
  • Sustainability and biodiversity of the Guiana shield
  • Land-use planning
  • ‘Planes de vida’ Village development plans of communities
  • Protected areas

Abstracts can be submitted in Spanish, English or French

Reception of abstracts

The presentations can be oral (paper) or visual (poster).  Based on the number of abstracts, the number of presentations (per theme) and time availability presenters will be advised to hold a presentation or to present a poster. Complete articles will be recommended for publication.

Abstracts can be in Spanish, English or French and must not exceed 250 words written in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, font 12 with the title in capital and bold, font 14.

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Important dates

Submittence of abstracts from 1 November 2018 – 28th February 2019.

Acceptance of abstracts will be communicated in the month of March 2019.

The first draft of accepted papers must be sent until 30 April 2019
Deadline for presentation of complete articles is 30 June 2019.

Submit your Abstract today! in Spanish, English or French.

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Congress Activities

Other Information Related to the Congress

Photo Exposition: Participants can submit their photos related to Indigenous Communities in the Guiana shield before 30 June 2019.

Poster: Please note that the submission deadline for all persons desirous of presenting posters is – 30 June 2019.

Pre-congress courses

Will be offered on 9 August at a cost of US$ 50 and a minimum number of 15 participants.

  1. Chiribiquete Mixed heritage of humanity
  2. Environmental education of the Guiana shield
  3. Biodiversity and flora of the Guiana shield.
  4. Resilience against climate change in the Guiana shield

Parallel activities

  1. Meeting of the network of Universities from the Guiana shield
  2. Assemble of the International Society of Biodiversity of the Guiana shield
  3. Meeting of the communities of the Guiana shield

Tourism, Translation, Hotel, Money and Climate

General Recommendations


After the congress on 9 August the following sites can be visited:

  1. La Lindosa: San José del Guaviare, Cultural and biological biodiversity (duration 3 days)
  2. Caño Cristales: (duration 3 days) rivers of the thousand colors, scenic biodiversity of landscapes, biology
  3. Sites in the surroundings of Florencia, nature reserves, landscapes.
  4. Maloca Huitoto (Slash and burn plots of the Huitoto tribe)
  5. Petroglyphs Florencia

Translation: Have a charged mobile telephone at hand since simultaneous translation will be through radio transmitters.  In Colombia they use American electric plugs.

Money Exchange: It is advised to exchange money in the capital Bogotá upon arrival at the International ‘el Dorado’ Airport.

Climate: Mean temperature 28 ◦C, annual rainfall 3,600 mm, carry on rain coat, tropical wear, umbrella, and sunblock lotion.

Capitalize on early registration

Registration Pricing Tables

Registration fees cover all the costs related to the conference and social events. Registration will be online starting from January 2019. Prior to this date pre-registration can be emailed to: vcongressibg@gmail.com

International Participants

All registration fees are quoted $USD.

  • Until 31st March 2019 - $125
  • Until 30th June 2019 - $150
  • Until 30th June 2019 - $175
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International Students

All registration fees are quoted $USD.

  • Until 31st March 2019 - $75
  • Until 30th June 2019 - $100
  • Until 30th June 2019 - $125
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Colombian Participants

All registration fees are quoted $USD.

  • Until 31st March 2019 - $50
  • Until 30th June 2019 - $50
  • Until 30th June 2019 - $50
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All information with regard to accommodation, transport, places, programs, workshops, capacity building and scholarships will be published on the web.

Important Information

Congress Venue

The V international congress on biodiversity of the guiana shield, The guiana shield: a strategic ecosystem for resilience Against climate change. Will be held at;

Postal Adress: Universidad de la Amazonia, Ángel Cuniberti Auditorium, Florence, Caquetá, Colombia, South America

Phone: (+57) 8-4366160

Email: vcongresoibg@gmail.com

For General Inquiry and Registration

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