About Us

Who we are?

The Guyana Society for Biodiversity and Ecosystems (GSBE) is a non-governmental, charitable, non-profit making body established to promote conservation, research and wise management of biological diversity and ecosystems in Guyana and the wider Guiana Shield through its affiliation with partner associations in the region. The GSBE is registered as a Friendly Society in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and would also serve as the national chapter of the International Society on the Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield (IBG).

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As such, the GSBE will seek to:

  • Design and conduct educational, research and training programmes, appropriately targeted to:
    • local and indigenous communities including traditional user communities;
    • students, educational and research institutions,
    • policy and decision makers and businesses, and
    • peri-urban and urban communities.

Our Logo

The GSBE logo was designed by renown Guyanese artist and sculptor Mr. Winslow Craig.

  • Make appropriate conservation and environmental recommendations to governmental agencies, commercial entities, communities and other entities that may have an impact upon the integrity of biodiversity and ecosystems in Guyana.
  • Seek donations, grants and contracts to carry out its activities.
  • Work in collaboration with any agency or organisation in Guyana or elsewhere which has objectives similar to that of the Society

Meet the Executive Team

The following persons, listed below are the executive members of GSBE;

  • Dr. Patrick Williams – Chairman
  • Ms. Vanessa Benn – Vice Chairman
  • Ms. Odacy Davis – Secretary
  • Mrs. Kaslyn Holder-Collins – Treasurer
  • Dr. Raquel Thomas-Caesar – Committee Member

Meet the Coordination Team

The following persons, listed below are responsible for the day to day coordination and operations of the GSBE office;

  • Dionne Cush-Barnwell (Mrs.) – Secretariat Coordinator
  • Afeefa Richardson – Project Assistant
  • Roxroy Bollers – IT Consultant and Web Developer

Meet the Team

From left to right: Dr. Patrick Williams, Mrs. Kaslyn Holder-Collins Dr. Raquel Thomas-Caesar, Ms. Vanessa Benn, Dionne Cush-Barnwell (Mrs.), Afeefa Richardson, Dr. Patrick Chesney (Member)